GPT-3. Not that smart, you know …

GPT-2 was a great success. OpenAI didn’t want to publish the most enormous and mightiest version, with 1.5B parameters. At least, claiming that they were afraid of misusing it for less ethical purposes. Lately, they claimed that they didn’t found shreds of evidence of such.

All of this is legit, considering the volume of the false “news” generated using it. And the truth is that it can be very successful in developing false news/stories. I tried this, played with it for a while, and, well, at least impressed.

Then GPT-3 come. With more than a hundred times more parameters. And…

U istom košmaru behu oni
poumirali kao deca
i kao da nikad ništa
suze i bol ne spliće.

I u istom košmaru behu oni,
poumirali kao živa bića
i kao da nikad ništa
suze neće biti svoje.
Srce treba da živi svoj večni pevajući smer
sad u nežnosti,
svakoj čoveku je kadar da svaki stih u srcu svom drži u sebi celom
svakoj čovek je kadar da svaki stih u srcu svom voli ceo rod.
Znam, da može sve u meni
doći i proći, ali
mene poznaju sva nebeska blaga
oblaci i radosti srca predaka
A kada ne bih bila…

Finally well grounded use-case for blockchain tech, that thaks-god doesn't imply crypto money.

But: reading how the things are going in the crypto-money area, this idea will explode into different implementations, and which one will prevale?

Thinking about dfinity, and distrikt...

Stojancho Tudjarski

ML and AI enthusiast, learning new things all the time and looking at how to make something useful with them.

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