Great article. Thanks for sharing it.

However, is it relevant to English language only?

Short Intro

Some time ago, I decided to switch my AI focus from NLP to time series. Naturally, is there a more intriguing use case for time series than stocks and forex markets? I seriously doubt. So, I started my diving adventure into that world. These are my impressions.

First Impressions

OMG. This is an entirely new world, with its own terminology that is clearly not intuitive to the rest of the world. Talking about bools and bears; scalping; asks and bids; so-called short and so-called long, and so on.

First of all, I figured out that if I want to really trade out…

Just added a new "has to be observed closely" topic in my mindmap.

Thanks for sharing this.

Stojancho Tudjarski

ML and AI enthusiast, learning new things all the time and looking at how to make something useful with them.

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